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dimanche, novembre 19


For who likes, LAQ has a new head out, not the latest, but, still new, since it came out on the week :) Vivien has this mature look that you might like, with wrinkles, and this wise appearance :) I wear it here with the skin that comes from the hud, but with the makeup from the latest skin releases from LAQ, Opal. I only will list the head and MakeUp this times, since I made some closeup :)
Love & Peace ♥

                                                                                                  *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Head LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Vivien 2.3 (Mallory Cowen)

MakeUp LAQ~ Makeups + Opal skin (Mallory Cowen)
                LAQ head makeup ~ Eyeliners (Mallory Cowen)
                LAQ head makeup ~ Opal Matte Lips (Mallory Cowen)

And, as a Bonus, here how Opal Skin Looks like on Vivien, don't you love the change? :D 
Love & Peace ♥

mercredi, novembre 15

Panam, Me Voilà

Some more news, again! Rewind opened, and Anybody too, that's where you absolutely have to go to grab the releases from [[ Masoom ]] and from Sinfulsky! Believe me you don't want to miss them, over more, that, you will judge by yourself, but, the two items fit perfectly together to create an awesome semi-vintage outfit! Totally in love with!!!
Check below to see them, and oh, yes, I didn't list the other items, so, if you'd like to know, IM me in World, or leave me a comment :)
Love & Peace ♥

                                                                                                   *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Top [[ Masoom ]] Barbara Top (AmberChaudry Corpur) @ Rewind From November, the 10th to the 18th.
Compatible with : Maitreya [ Lara ], Slink [Both], Belleza [Freya & Isis]
The Barbara top is made with 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive at Rewind. 

Available in a choice of 14 beautiful colors,. Fatpack includes all colors and ability to mix & match bow in a HUD. Barbara has materials enabled.

Shorts SinfulSky Dare Shorts Light Denim (Sinfulsky) @ anyBODY Closes today!!!
You'll find the shorts in Dark, Light and Blue Denim. Fitted for Maitreya, and Slink (Hourglass and Physique)

lundi, novembre 13

Drop Dead Rockstar

Today again, I have plenty of things to show you! One of them is not that old, but I had it in my inventory for a while, and thought that it'd be good to blog it here. A skin, recently released by and for LAQ, Linnea. Really awesome and delicate. I sat it on Lulu, which is still one of my favorite, although, I'll have to show you soon the very latest release that Mallory Cowen have out for you in store, Vivien, but, that'll be an other post! :D
I played with the last shadow that my deart SlackGirl will have out at the XXX Event, the LeoLady Shadow, which I naturally paired with the Shadow2 Nails that you will find at the Swank Event! 
Now, I am sure you'll love the outfit, all in leather and lace, sexy and totally rock! *dafnis has it ready for your sexy asses @ the Hashtag Event! By the way, don't miss the new Hairology's round, plenty of gifts there for the 2nd anniversary! 
Love & Peace ♥

                                                                                                    *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Head + Skin LAQ ~Omega Body + Linnea Essential Applier [FULL PACK] On LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Lulu (Mallory Cowen)

MakeUp + Nails ::SG:: LeoLady Shadow Akeruka, Catwa, Lelutka and Omega appliers. Up to 8 colors! (SlackGirl) @ XXX Event From November, the 15th to December, the 5th.
               ::SG:: Shadow2 Nails Fitted For Eve, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, Tuty and Vista Bento Hands (SlackGirl) @ Swank Event From November, the 7th to the 30th.

Outfit *dafnis Petra Black Standard Sizes + Belleza (All), Ebody, Maitreya, Slink (all) TMP, Tonic (Curvy and Fine) (Sandra Serin) Exclusive @ Hashtag Event from November, the 15th to the 30th

Pose L y r i u m - W a t c h  M e - [ b e n t o ] (Ni Avril)
                                                                                                      On My Own :D ♥

Hair no.match_ ~NO_TWIST - Gift CURLS in black/brown/red (n0match) @ Hairology

Rings Astralia Eternal Rings Set Maitreya (Astralia)
BackDrop /anxiety/ bedside group gift (Max1ma)

dimanche, novembre 12


Several releases here for different events and from different  designers! Hope you got your purses ready because, I am sure that you would not want to miss these items! A pretty skin, an awesome set of Nails, a great Jewelry Set, a cool Fan decor, some sexy boots... All that can be found either @ 4MESH, Shiny Shabby, On9 or anyBODY! Just check below all of the goodies!
Love & Peace ♥

                                                                                                    *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Skin 7 Deadly s[K]ins - TYNA Coconut worn on Catwa Catya and Maitreya Lara (Izara Zuta) @ anyBODY from November, the 5th, to the 21st.
Initially based on LAQ Bento Motion Capture Nyx, the skin is omega driven, which means that it will work on all Mesh Heads that are Omega compatible!

Jewelry Set :[P]:- Stretch Jewelry. Necklace, Chain Necklace Homme and Femme, and Earrings. Hud Driven to change chain and jewel colors. (Aikea Rieko) @ Shiny Shabby from October, the 20th to November, the 15th.

Gloves [[ Masoom ]]  Claire gloves (AmberChaudry Corpur) @ 4mesh from November, the 12th to December, the 11th.
Compatible with : Maitreya [ Lara ] 
Claire Gloves are made with 100 % original mesh and textures, exclusive at 4Mesh. 

Available in a choice of 16 beautiful colors, together with the option of three gem colors. Fatpack includes all colors in a HUD. Gloves have materials enabled.

Nails ::SG:: Catarina Nails  (SlackGirl) @ 4mesh from November, the 12th to December, the 11th.
Fitted for Eve, Maitreya, Slink and Vista Bento Hands. Hud Driven to chose up to 14 Colors!!!

Boots ::SG:: Lavinia Boot (SlackGirl) @ On9 Event from November, the 9th to November, the 28th.
Fitted for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique. Hud Driven to chose up to 11 colors, and 4 metal colors!

Fan Decor :[P]:-  The Sayl Fans. 4 Different speeds by touching the blades. Chose eihter the Gold Pack, either the Silver, and get up to 15 textures to chose from via HUD, or pick the Fatpack and get a Fatpack Bonus HUD! (Aikea RiekoShiny Shabby from October, the 20th to November, the 15th.

Pose L y r i u m - T e a s e - [ b e n t o ] (Ni Avril) New Release!

                                                                                                      On My Own :D ♥

Hairbase L'Etre - Allyson Hairbase (Dam1710)
Hair Analog Dog Scream Cheese + JanaBangs (From one of The FreeBall) (Queue Marlowe)
Forehead Jewels :[P]:- Crystalle Boho Gacha://Bolli Bindi Complex Goldenesque (Aieka Rieko)
Piercings -SU!- Bento Piercing Set 01. 03. 04 and 05 simply wearin a piece from each set (Eleanor Cyberstar)
Top Caboodle - Mirja Crop Top (Erovi)
Bodysuit Eliavah ~ Cephalon Bodysuit [MAITREYA]  *Gold* (eliavahazaleia) @ 
Rings Astralia Eternal Rings Set Maitreya (Astralia)
BackDrop /anxiety/ bedside group gift (Max1ma)
Bottle /anxiety/ catacomb bottlelamp gift (Max1ma)
All other poses Foxcity KnockOut VIP Gift, Bad Kitty Vol.1&2, Cute But Psycho, Highlights. (Satomi Masukami)

vendredi, novembre 10

A Taste of Lost Eden

Today, I decided to combine several items from Different Sponsors.. Fact is all together were for me the perfect combination! So on, I managed to get one of the rares from CUREMORE that is at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which opened the doors recently! By the way, don't run too far, a next post will show you what Plastik have for you at this event! I might have used it here, but... yeah, I already had my maximum spots reached, and no more free one for an other attachment!!! What a pity that LL limits us this way, like if IRL we would not be able to wear all of the accessories we'd like together! Well, that's not the subject of our post, right?
Okies, so, beside The Fantasy GachaCarnival that I was mentioning above, some other events opened their doors or, are on the point to... Like eBENTO which will open on tomorrow, or We <3 RP which started as always on the 4th! The Epiphany as well is still running for a few days, so go there if you did not already! Likewise, an other Event, For The Love Of The Devil was running until today (My bad, I just realized that! :'( ). I'll just link you here a page you might like to read to know what was this event about, and maybe, who knows, can we still give a little hand to this?
Yeah, and Sanarae as well is up for a new round, don't miss the creators releases there!
As you will see, I changed a bit the mode of Presentation. Sponsors will be shown first, and then the items bought on my own. I hope it will still make sense for you :)
Love & Peace ♥

                                                  *SPONSOR* TY ♥

Skin Sinful Needs Skin - Lilith Reborn Radiant Omega Hud Driven, will work with every omega compatible mesh body, bodyparts, heads.... etc.  (Galathir Darkstone
Worn here on CATWA Catya Bento (Catwa Clipand Maitreya Lara(Onyx Leshelle)

Nipples ~LF~ (LittleFish) Nips Beta v0.4a (Lithelfys Leratia) Still On Test

MakeUp ::SG:: Vedova Shadow NEW in Store!!! (SlackGirl)
                             Aria Lips

Nails ::SG:: Teia Nails. Fitted for EVE-TUTY-TONIC-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO Hud driven to chose up to 12 Colors!  (SlackGirl) @ eBENTO

Horns :[P]:- Filigren Horns 5 Style Huds, and a FatPack Bonus, Sparkle Hud, used here! (Aikea Rieko) @ We <3 RP

Poses L Y R I U M Poses Boudoir (1st picture) & Casual Pack Bento Compatible! (Ni Avril)

                                                      *On My Own*

Hair Lovey Dovey Charlie (Teeny Spot) Last Spookzilla Hunt Item
Forehead Horns + Strands DOUX Demon Horns (Dam1710) Was the Item for the Event For The Love of the Devil
Forehead Jewels :[P]:- Crystalle Boho Gacha://Bolli Bindi Complex Goldenesque (Aieka Rieko)
Piercings -SU!- Bento Piercing Set 05 (Eleanor Cyberstar)
Eyes Anatomy Last Nightmare Hunt (Daeberethwen Arbenlow)
Chain  nose + Nipple piercings + Tattoo [CX] Vermin Gold 
                                                                    [CX] Kinky Cobra 
                                                                    [CX] Judgement Shot Tattoo Set (Kamayari) @ Sanarae
Outfit  **RE** Simone Harness
            **RE** Cora Legs Harness
            **RE** Morgan Hands Harness Red (Crashnoww) @ The Epiphany
Snakes+ Decor CUREMORE / LOST PARADISE / Eve's Snakes RARE 
                                                                                        Paradise Tree Brown
                                                                                        Forbidden Fruits (Fire, Green And Coal)
                                                                                        Snake of Eden (Fire, Ash and Green) (Kaorinette) @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Rings Astralia Eternal Rings Set Maitreya (Astralia)

dimanche, novembre 5

False Shyness

A lot of releases from 7 Deadly s[K]ins are coming up, to start, the new Group Gift, Chantal, Shape and Skin, fitted for LAQ Bento Heads. As always the skin is Omega hud driven, and so on, it will work with all compatible Omega heads. Don't hesitate to stop by the store, and join the group if not already in, to grab this beauty!
Along with, SlackGirl has a few releases fro us @ two events, the Darkness Monthly event, where she came with a soft ring, rigged for Bento Hands Eve, Maitreya, Slink and Vista. Hud driven to let you chose between 4 metal colors and 9 ring colors!
The second release is for the Le Six Event, and here, she made us a nice pair of shoes, delicate and sexy, hud riven and fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink! Don'tt miss all of the releases shown here, you won't regret ;) 
Love & Peace ♥

Head *SPONSOR* TY ♥ LAQ Bento - Motion Capture - Nyx 2.31 (Mallory Cowen)

Shape & skin *SPONSOR* TY ♥ 7 Deadly s[K]ins Chantal Group Gift November (Izara Zuta)

Hair little bones. Crystallized - Ombres Old hairstyle, check the mainstore! (Nova Faerye)

Nails *SPONSOR* TY ♥ SlackGirl Ivana Nails. EVE-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO (Already posted in a previous post, check it to get all infos about these fabulous nails!) (SlackGirl)

Rings *SPONSOR* TY ♥ SlackGirl Amoret Bento ring (SlackGirlDarkness Monthly event
Rigged for Eve, Maitreya, Slink And Vista Bento Hands. Hud Driven to chose between 9 colors/textures, and 4 metal colors!

Choker *:..Silvery K..:* Loose feminine(Choker_Black)10 (gin Fhang)

Necklace and Arms **RE** ReVoX Fallen Angel Necklace (Crashnoww)
                                  **RE** Morgan Hands Harness - Black - Common (Crashnoww) @ The Epiphany Mirror Sim

Dress Scandalize. Amara FATPACK (Yanikka) Gift For Halloween

Shoes *SPONSOR* TY ♥ SlackGirl Rings Shoes (SlackGirlLe Six Event
Fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink. Hud driven to chose between 5 colors for each part (Heel, Sole, Inner Sole) and 4 Metal Colors!

Poses and PhotoBooth Foxcity Highlights and Last VIP Group Gift (Satomi Masukami)